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An Ecosystem powered blockchain architecture.


A cross-chain platform for community governance

About SafeOzone

SafeOzone Protocol is a DeFi Token driven with high-yield automated cross-chain platform for community governance. It is an Ecosystem community-based project aimed at executing financial transactions independent of traditional financial institutions and intermediaries and is conducted over the smart chain network.


The Ozone Vault is a unique feature created to reduce password entering without compromising users’ security. Users can manage their tokens and dapps on the SmartChain.


Ozone Explorer is a fully decentralized smartchain explorer, which allows users to visualize transactions and activities on different chains. Our platform fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between developers, users, and investors.


A Team of Blockchain Experts working round the clock to give you a great experience.

Ozone Wallet

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A secure, simple and easy to use wallet for your cryptocurrency assets.


Ease Of Use


Transfer Securely


Greater Diversity


The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread, The origin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.

Q1 2021
Q1 2021

SafeOzone Launch

Q1 2021
Q1 2021

Web Design and Deployment

Q1 2021
Q1 2021

Smart Contract Audit

Q1 2021
Q1 2021


Q2 2021
Q2 2021

Strategic Partnerships

Q2 2022
Q2 2022

Marketing Push

Q2 2022
Q2 2022

Community votes, events and competitions

Q1 2023
Q1 2023

NFT Partnerships

Q2 2023
Q2 2023

Listing on Pancakeswap

Token Sale Proceeds
Token Distribution

Our Core Team

Our team of developers, marketers and moderators work with a shared vision to develop and grow this innovative asset.


Ahmed Rayees



Argos Pangonis

Business Development & Strategic Partnerships


Hyonjun Syu

Fullstack Developer & UI Architect


Joe Sullivan

Co-founder & Chief Digital Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can acquire OZONE by partaking in our Airdrop program or by purchasing OZONE in the Pre-Sale.

Simply send BNB, BUSD or USDT from a BEP20(BSC) Wallet to the CONTRACT CREATOR ADDRESS. Smart Contract System will instantly send equivalent OZONE Tokens To Your Wallet.

You need to add OZONE Token manually using these details:
Network: Smart Chain
Contract Address: 0xd5c3d75340848424E26CeeA580Aa87407544b375
Name: SafeOzone
Symbol: OZONE
Decimals: 18

We believe our strong points are our transparency, strong work ethic and commitment to push our boundaries as much and as often as possible. And of course, as a SAFEOZONE holder, we basically pay you to hold the token.

We will burn 8% of the total supply after launch. No manual burns are planned currently, our Black Hole burns on each transaction and that burn is continuously accelerating.

Always use ONLY our official Telegram channel. Our team will NEVER DM you to ask about anything. Be EXTREMELY suspicious about anyone DM-ing you with an offer to help, airdrop or generally asking you personal information such as your wallet seed phrase. NEVER give out such information, block and report those persons immediately.

No, transaction taxes do not apply on CEXes, they don’t support it.